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Casting Lots: The Lot of Eros

The original plan was to cover the Hermetic Lots in the order of the planets but fuck it, I'm a free agent. Last night I made a tweet about Eros that got some attention. Today is Venus' day (Friday). So, why the hell not?

If you don't know anything about Lots, go check out my other posts which explain what they are, where they came from, how and why they're calculated that way, etc.

Today we're gonna talk specifically about what the Lot of Eros is, how it's calculated, and an example!

The Lot of Eros: Calculation

Before we even start talking about what Eros is, we need to make sure you're looking at the right thing. There are two formulas for the Lot of Eros so you need to be sure you're using the right one, which is Paulus'. Don't worry, I'll show you the easy way to find it too.

We only use Paulus' calculation for the Lot of Eros!

Paulus' Calculation for the Lot of Eros

Take the distance from the degree of the Lot of Spirit to the degree of Venus, then project that distance from the ascendant, by day. For those born at night, flip Spirit and Venus.

Here's a visual demonstration using one of our example charts.

The Calculation for the Lot of Eros we don't fuck with

From the Lot of Fortune to the Lot of Spirit, then projected from the ascendant, by day.

I'm including the calculation we don't fuck with so I can explain why we don't fuck with it.

Hop on over to my post about the symbolism behind the formulas for a refresher on why the Lot formulas are structured like that.

Once you understand the symbolism, it becomes real obvious that trying to find the Hermetic Lot of Venus without using the planet Venus, is whack.

The Easy Way to Calculate the Lot of Eros

· Go to

· Go to Free Horoscopes

· Click Extended Chart Selection

· Change the Chart Drawing Style to "Hellenistic"

· Generate the chart & it's labeled "Eros"

The Lot of Eros: Significations

If you read my post about the symbolism behind the formulas then you may remember me saying that it's important to look at the formula itself, not just the name of a Lot.

Most people probably see the word "Eros" and "Venus," jump straight to "erotic," and conclude that The Lot of Eros must signify romantic relationships. That's not wrong exactly, but it's also not right either.

Thinking about the formula, we're moving from Spirit (mind, intellect, soul, faith) to Venus (pleasurable things).

The Lot of Eros signifies things that are pleasing to your Spirit.

That sounds vague though so let's explore that.

What does something pleasing to your Spirit even mean? Well, it's basically things that make you happy, things that make you feel entertained, things that make you feel good, things that you choose, willingly.

Technically, your Lot of Eros should be your favorite sign based on the idea that it's what you willingly choose. Lol It's more complicated than that so don't get too caught up on the sign but this is one easy way you can see it come up.

Let's look at some examples of the Lot of Eros and things people enjoy!

Lot of Eros Hobby Examples

Winona Ryder

During her acting hiatus, Winona became interested in constitutional law, etymology, and linguistics. These are some pretty strikingly weird hobbies but hey, whatever pleases your Spirit.

Winona has the Lot of Eros in her 4th house in Pisces, ruled by Jupiter in Sagittarius in her 1st house. If we just think about Eros being in Pisces we would never get to those hobbies. However, as someone with her Lot of Eros being ruled by Jupiter, we could say that she enjoys the deeper level of understanding that we associate with Jupiter.

Let's think about Eros in the 4th house with its ruler in the 1st house for a second. The 4th house can signify ancestry or history and the 1st house signifies self. We could say that Winona enjoys learning about her roots, specifically the linguistic ones.