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Casting Lots: The Lot of Spirit

Today we're going to talk about the Lot of Spirit, what it is, how to calculate it, and what it means. Which means we're also going to talk about the nature of the soul and all of existence. Sounds fun, right?

If you don't know what Lots are, you can check out my Intro to Casting Lots post here.

So, starting from the assumption that you know what Lots are, let's get into it.

The Lot of Spirit: What it is

The Lot of Spirit is the Hermetic Lot of the sun. That means it signifies things relating to the sun. Well, what does that mean?

Most people typically think of the sun as the "ego" which is similar to the ancient idea but it gets thrown off by modern language. This idea of ego then branches off into things like Leo (ruled by the sun) placements being vain because we easily associate the word "ego" with an "inflated ego."

In ancient times however, the sun was thought of as Spirit. The sun rules the heart which is where consciousness was thought to reside before the role of the brain was understood.

The sun was also related to the Greek concept of thumos or thymos which refers to spirit as in a spirited horse or a spirited race. If something is "spirited" that generally means there's passion, vigor, and heart being put into it.

Let's think about all this for a minute. The sun is obviously the most important thing in the sky. It creates day and night, its warmth is the only reason we can live on the planet, real important shit. The sun therefore has a kingly or leader-y status.

Leo is the sign ruled by the sun. Leo is often associated with kings and leadership, all that jazz. What is it that's really needed to lead people? A strong Spirit.

When I think of the sun and Leo I think of a leader giving an inspiring speech. Almost like the fire of their Spirit is burning bright enough to stir the blood, the fire, and the passion in others.

So, now we know that the sun is related to this idea of Spirit through passion, vigor, and heart. Now let's talk about the calculation.

The Lot of Spirit: How to Calculate it

The Lot of Spirit by day is calculated by taking the distance from the degree of the moon to the degree of the sun, then projecting that distance from the Ascendant. For night charts, reverse the sun and moon.

So, the idea is that we're moving from the luminary contrary to sect (the moon during the day/the sun at night) to the luminary of sect (the sun during the day/the moon at night).

Generally speaking, the luminary of sect is the one that's illuminating the sky. The moon is usually out at night while the sun is down, the sun is up during the day while the moon is hidden. So, we start at the point of darkness and move to the point of light.

Easy Calculation of the Lot of Spirit

· go to

· extended chart selection

· chart drawing style

· "Hellenistic"

· generate the chart

· It's labeled Spirit

Symbolic Light & Symbolic Darkness

If you've already read my post on the Lot of Fortune ( then you will remember that there's a bunch of symbolism that goes into the idea of light and dark.

Basically, the sun, the sky, and light are related to matters of Spirit (the divine, ephemeral).

The moon, the earth, and darkness are related to matters of Fortune (the mundane, physical).

Remember, this is an ancient technique so we have to think about the context of the people who created it.

Plato's Theory of Forms

The earliest source we have for the Lots are references to a lost text called the Panaretos which was written by the mythical figure Hermes. The Panaretos is believed to have been written sometime around the 1st century BCE or slightly earlier. So, let's say around 150-100 BCE ish.

Plato, the widely renowned Greek philosopher, lived from around 428-348 BCE. Remember that we're counting backwards with BCE so that means Plato came before the Panaretos and therefore before the Lots. I'm not a historian or expert on ancient Greek philosophy but it's quite reasonable to say that his philosophy likely influenced them.

Plato's Theory of Forms in particular is a perfect example of how sect, different sections of the chart, and this idea of Spirit and Fortune come together.

The Theory of Forms basically states that there is another realm, one of the soul, where the perfect Form of everything exists. Heaven basically. Except here we even have perfect, abstract archetypes. Like the perfect love, the perfect brother, the perfect sister, the perfect dog, the perfect warrior, the perfect leader, the perfect rock, the perfect vase.

These are basically all archetypes. In fact, they're essentially what we see the gods or the planets as. Mars is the perfect warrior. Venus is the perfect lover. Jupiter is the perfect ally.

Plato's idea is that the Forms, these perfect versions, are like the divine essence of a thing. The Forms are the original artwork and the mortal realm is like a series of tracings or rubbings. We fall short of the ideal.

This realm of Forms is eternal and it's the place the soul comes from. Plato posited that when the soul incarnates and becomes trapped in flesh, it loses its memory of the Forms. Philosophy is therefore the pursuit of trying to remember the Forms.

Here's an example with me trying to freehand a circle in paint: