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I nodded and flicked the ashes into the ashtray. A lit cigarette keeps the interlocutor from forgetting your independence, even if he wants to hire you for a day job, and that was exactly what was going on.

“I must be sure,” he continued, “that our conversation will remain strictly between us, even if you refuse my offer. Yesterday, when you were shown to me in the hall, I thought that the female detective was a curiosity that I would not need in my life. And today, when I saw you, I thought: how it all turned out by the way OnlineCasinoSvizzera!

Popov fell silent and lowered his head. At least thirty seconds passed. Then he shook himself, repeated again, but more quietly:

— How did it all work out! So you promise the conversation will staystrictly between us?

— Of course. If I did not know how to keep silent, I would not have the reputation you are talking about.



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