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When we went in with the director, Elena, pale and tearful, was drinking tea, Irina was trying on a new blouse, and Olga advised her to definitely buy it. Not a bad blouse, Irina really looked very pretty in it. She is tall, half-Kazakh, painted

light blond, bob haircut. But her teeth are bad, but she does not pay attention to this and loves to smile

None of these women aroused any interest. But suspicions have not yet been removed from them.

There are no signs of hacking.

Ermakov Alexey Petrovich is a tall, stout man. Forty, obviously, but very good looking. He said that after winning with the help of an electronic trick, instead of two guards, he left three for the night. But they are on duty at the entrance, separated from the accounting department by a hall and a corridor.



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