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The Lot of Spirit & Fixed Stars

with Jake Green & Amaya Rourke
July 23rd
1pm EST

The Lots in astrology originate from the practice of cleromancy or lot casting. This divine method of allotment was used to determine one’s lot in life, whether in inheritance disputes or in determining who holds public office. Cleromancy was even used by Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades to determine which portion of creation they were allotted. 


In astrological practice, we look to the Lots to understand one’s apportioned fate. What hand have you been dealt? 


The Lot of Spirit, which is the Lot of the Sun, describes your destiny, your devotion, and your consciousness. Originally known as the Lot of Daimon, the Lot of Spirit can be used to describe a guardian spirit which is meant to help you fulfill your destiny and provide inspiration. The Romans referred to someone’s daimon as their “genius.”  


What happens when your Lot of Spirit is connected to a fixed star? How do the stories of the stars affect your path? 


In our previous work on the Lot of Cultivation, Amaya and I found that fixed stars do in fact have a powerful influence on the expression of Lots. This workshop will be taking that research one step further by looking at their influence on one of the most important Lots, the Lot of Spirit.


This is an intermediate level astrology workshop that will be covering:


  • What are Lots?

  • What are Fixed Stars?

  • What is the Lot of Spirit? 

  • Interpretive guidelines for Lots and Fixed Stars

  • Examples of the Lot of Spirit & Fixed Stars 

**Everyone who signs up will receive a copy of the recording. Live attendance is not required

Duration: 2-3 hours

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