The Lot of Marriage

with Jake Green
March 29th
7pm EDT

The Lot of Marriage has long been a point of contention in astrology for several reasons. First there's the issue of multiple formulas and which one to use. Then there's the fact that the Lot of Marriage is traditionally gendered which poses a significant issue for trans people.


After sidestepping this problem for a while I finally decided to tackle it head on and find a solution. I interviewed over 20 married couples to test my theory and come up with a gender neutral solution to the Lot of Marriage. This presentation is the culmination of that research. 

In this workshop we will be covering:

  • What are Lots

  • How Lot formulas are structured

  • The various existing formulas for the Lot of Marriage

  • The issues with the existing methods

  • My proposed solution for the Lot of Marriage

  • Chart examples using my updated Lot of Marriage formula

By the end you will have learned which formula to use for the gender neutral Lot of Marriage as well as timing and interpretive techniques to predict when marriage will happen and the results of the union. 

*All attendees will receive a copy of the webinar recording. Live attendance is not required