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The Origins of Oracular Jake: How I got into Astrology

While I've always loved the idea of fantasy and magic, I haven't always been into astrology. A few years ago if someone had told me I would end up being an astrologer I would have laughed. I never paid any attention to astrology because I thought it was just sun signs. I had read enough about Capricorns to know that I wasn't who they were describing. I don't like work, I don't like being formal, I don't particularly like being in charge, and I'm not that ambitious. I was wrong. (So was pop astrology but that's another rant.)

My first real introduction to astrology was at the end of 2017 through Twitter. I had just turned 26 and started a 3rd house Pisces profection year ruled by Jupiter in Virgo in the 9th house. The 3rd house signifies frequent, daily communications i.e. social media and the 9th house signifies seeking counsel i.e. astrology. These topics were activated for me using the technique known as "annual profections" (you can Google that) but it basically just made them more relevant that year. It's pretty wild considering that was the start of what's now a career in astrology. I started using Twitter because I didn't want to keep seeing the shitty opinions of people I know in real life on Facebook lol.

Yes, my first introduction to astrology was through memes. I wandered into the queer side of Twitter and saw a meme mentioning moon signs. I had no idea what the fuck it was talking about so naturally, I had to find out! Once I did some research I found out I have the moon in Cancer which finally made so much sense. I'm caring and I'd usually rather stay home and be comfortable. Maybe astrology made some points! I kept seeing astrology tweets I didn't understand and I kept researching. I wasn't consciously trying to learn astrology. I just thought it was interesting and my curiosity is insatiable.

Let's skip ahead to Saturday April 14th, 2018 to the All American Tattoo Convention when I met Sue. I went to the convention with my best friend Brianna who was an apprentice tattoo artist for a local shop at the time. The convention was all weekend and Brianna wanted me to come see all the cool shit she was telling me about Friday. She had gone to Sue, a card reader who had a booth there, and gotten her fortune read. She told me the reading was sooo accurate that I had to get one too. So, I did.

Sue was really cool, probably in her sixties, the kind of chill old lady that would read fortunes at a tattoo convention. She seemed like a normal, real person which I really liked. There was no fake air of mysticism. First she did a spread for me using playing cards and everything was completely off base. She felt really bad and offered me a refund. She said she was having trouble reading my energy which could have been the crowded convention center or because I was psychic. Then she offered to try using an oracle deck which I agreed to. I really only remember two things she said but those two things are important.

During the oracle deck spread Sue pulled the "clairsentience" card. She explained to me that I was clairsentient which means I have a psychic knowing. She said now she was sure the issue with the first deck was because my energy was so strong or something. Sue encouraged me to start using my gifts and reading cards (which I did for a while). The other thing I remember she said was that I should "look up at the night sky."

While I took everything Sue said with a grain of salt, I still went back and told Brianna and the guys from the shop I have super powers. Thus my nickname for a while was "the Oracle." I played it up because I thought it was funny but I don't actually think I have any special powers. I kept researching astrology though. As I got more and more into astrology I created a Twitter account just for occult stuff so I wouldn't worry about annoying my IRL friends with it. When it was time to come up with a name I didn't want to use anything with "oracle" because it sounded pretentious. Then I remembered one of my favorite childhood movies, The Black Cauldron! Henwen was an oracular pig, I could just be an oracular Jake!

Understanding my brand name, Oracular Jake, shows you how I view myself. "Oracular" is an adjective, not a noun. I'm a regular person with a skill that has grown through consistent effort. I'm not a sage. I'm not a prophet. I'm not an oracle. I'm just Jake, and sometimes I'm oracular. I hope you'll join me in continuing to take Sue's advice and look up at the night sky. There are so many incredible things going on up there!


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