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"Jake is an excellent astrologer with a good command of traditional & modern techniques. He explained the houses in my natal chart very clearly & accurately. He gave insightful analysis of my planets aspecting angles--stuff I never put much thought into. Highly recommend!"


"Had a combo reading combining all of Jake's consultation offerings. He offered great perspectives on my chart esp for my afflicted Mars placement that I wanted to delve into. As someone with some background in astro I think it's valuable to get fresh eyes! Highly recommend Jake!"


"Working with jake was amazing! we did a combo consult and he was super detailed and thorough. he answered all my questions and taught me so much along the way. he’s incredibly insightful and knowledgeable as well as personable. i felt really comfortable with him as well. i highly recommend working with jake for a consult. honestly i couldn’t be more pleased. thanks for working with me, Jake!"


"Jake's reading was very accurate and interesting, the themes were brought up and explained very clearly. Now I can stop worrying about Venus retrograde. :)"


"Very insightful and thought provoking. It was a perspective of my chart that I have never heard before and very helpful and easy to understand."


"I received one of my favourite and most receptive readings to date from this talented reader! The reading concerned my career and natural inclination, or maybe hidden but innate abilities I could harness or concentrate on to reach a point of success as well as fulfilment. The Whole Focus was on what I wanted to achieve as an individual, and unlike many readers I've been disappointed by, everything was personalised and detailed, no stock info, at all. Really astute and insightful, and super encouraging. More than what I hoped to get. Please consider Jake for a chart reading!! He's a Talent!! Obvious time and study has been put into his practice and how he deals with his clients, I couldn't recommend him more."


"I had a natal chart reading with Jake and affirmed so many things, great perspective, very knowledgable chart analysis and detailed not to mention a great conversationalist! highly recommend!"


"I had an amazing consult with Jake! he was very elaborate, detailed, and easy to understand. He quickly adjusted to my level of astrology-knowledge, throughly explained concepts, and made me excited about my chart. Definitely doing another consult this year!"


"I had my 2nd consult w Jake last month. Both consults have been thorough, informative & he really helped me understand the concepts thoroughly. He’s really good at explaining the different qualities of all the different factors of a reading!! Def will be seeking his counsel again"

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